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Evaporation Technology

Evaporation plants are used to increase the concentration or separation of liquid solutions.

Multi Effect Evaporation Plants (MEE):

We offer Natural, Falling film & forced circulation Evaporation plants. The flexibility of integrating of our Evaporation plants with Distillation and Dryer to save on steam consumption is the hall mark of our modern designs. The Evaporation plants are specially designed to handle molasses raw spent wash, bio-methanated spent wash & grain thin slop.

Falling Film Evaporators

We are designing Vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger with vapour liquid separator. The liquid to be concentrated is supplied to the top of the heating tubes and distributed in such a way as to flow down the inside of the tube walls as a thin film.

Salient features

  1. Achieve desired solid concentrate with clear process condensate.
  2. Multiple-effect arrangement results into high energy efficiency of the plant.
  3. Automation results in easy process control.
  4. Flexible operations results quick start-up and easy switchover.
  5. Short residence time.
  6. Online Cleaning in place (CIP) system ensures non-stop operation.

Forced Circulation Evaporators

In a forced circulation evaporation liquid is constantly circulated through the system. We are designing Horizontal or vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger as the calandria, with vapour liquid separator above the calandria, the liquid is circulated through the calandria by means of a circulation pump.


  1. Suitable for widest variety of evaporator applications.
  2. Ideal for crystallizing operation.
  3. High heat transfer coefficients.
  4. Positive circulation.
  5. Freedom from salting, scaling and fouling.
  6. Suitable for corrosive and viscous solutions.
  7. These evaporators are also used for liquids with high solids content and a high viscosity.
  8. Online Cleaning in place (CIP) system ensures non-stop operation