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We offer the pressure swing adsorption system (PSA) based on Molecular Sieve Technology for dehydration of alcohol As per IS Specification. In Rectified spirit 94.68% alcohol and rest is water.  Remaining water from rectified spirit cannot by distillation. In order to extract water from alcohol by following technology.

  1. Three bed Molecular sieve technology:
  2. wo bed Molecular sieve technology:

Two/Three beds helps in order to make the process continuous. Active bed is under pressure carrying out dehydration, While At the same time regeneration bed is under vacuum. Control valves helps to shift of operation (swing) from first bed to second bed.

➢Liquid sprit feed:

In Stand-alone plant Rectified spirit are fed to Recovery column results vaporization of liquid. Regeneration & purge Cycles used to the recover ethanol. To minimize the steam, Product vapors are used to preheat the liquid feed.

➢Vapor sprit feed:

This system is integrated with distillation where wet rectified vapors directly receive from the rectifier column. . The merits of an integrated system are lower energy Consumption. By using latent heat of the feed vapors the steam requirement of the dehydration is practically zero. Also reduces initial capital cost.

Key Features: