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UNITHERM Distillation




In the present day of Energy Crisis efficient use of Energy and its conservation need immediate attention. It has been observed that there is enormous scope for recovering the heat from outgoing streams of distillation section and conserving energy by replacing conventional distillation and use of Multi Pressure Distillation system. This helps to minimize the steam consumption liter of alcohol.
In Alcohol distillation plant, Export Quality rectified spirit is produced with the help of following column structure.

About 45 percent heat supplied to the plant is lost through spent wash Therefore we have made special efforts to recover maximum heat from spent wash and from other streams in distillation section. With increase in temperature of the feed wash it has seen as added advantage that it will avoid scale formation in the analyzer column, because at higher temperature the solubility of calcium salts is less.

Unitherm Distillation

At UFI we have advanced Wash to EQRS and Wash to ENA Distillation system called Unitherm Distillation which is Multi-Pressure or Vacuum Distillation system.

This has distinct advantages over other systems and few important of them are as below.

  1. Low Steam consumption per Liter of Alcohol
  2. Less soft water requirement for dilution
  3. Superior quality of Alcohol
  4. Less manpower for operation due Atomization
  5. Option available to run in manual mode also

Multi-Pressure Distillation:

For distillation operation Multi-pressure columns are especially useful whenever we have to carry out operation at low pressure i.e. Vacuum distillation and whenever we are dealing with heat sensitive materials. These columns contain a cylindrical shell of SS304 material with Trays fitted along with Down comers and Risers. These trays are of different types such as Grid, Bubble Cap, Tunnel etc. and offer large interfacial area for mass transfer A common arrangement for distillation operation is wherein vapor flows upward and refluxed liquid flows downward giving continuous contact.
These columns operate on vacuum or Atmospheric pressure as per its function e.g. the Analyzer or Pre-Rectifier column operate in Vacuum while Rectifier column operate on Pressure. Another important feature of this is Indirect heating i.e. there are Reboilers attached to these columns by which the steam is not directly injected into Column but vapors heat the liquid. There is recycling of these vapors and condensate so as to achieve maximum energy utilization.

UniCon Fermentation:

UniCon is a Fed-Batch Fermentation process in which fermentation is carried out in Batch fermenter. Sufficient resident time is maintained in view to carry out complete fermentation process.
The process has been developed to improve the fermentation yield of Ethanol per ton of grain and Fermentation efficiency up to 90 % of theoretical value
(Based on starch content in grain)

Advantages of UniCon Fermentation

  1. High alcohol concentration in fermented wash
  2. Fermentation efficiency 90 % on theoretical is obtained
  3. Infection free process
  4. Yeast multiplication done in pre fermenters, so less yeast requirement.

Key Features: